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Amino is a commercial blockchain-based computing infrastructure capable of performing tasks that include, but not limited to:
AI Deep-learning
Cloud-Edge in Industry 4.0
Build, train, and deploy Machine Learning Models. Create conversational interfaces and video and image intelligence APIs at faster, scalable, and streamlined way.
AI Services require a significant amount of computing power. Amino provides a distributed computing infrastructure that scales up workloads for any task.
AI service provider powered by Amino - CloudYo
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Amino Network


Get computing power for your tasks of any complexity. The Distributed Computing Network of Amino delivers resource customised configurations of CPU, GPU, and RAM for a fair price with a stable and fast connection. Just create a task, initiate the smart contract, and get the result. Amino provides a task backup option, that maximises accomplishment rate without execution failure.

Scale your computer capacity. Build, train and deploy machine learning. Run AR and VR apps. Test game engines with Amino.

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Founders/ScientistsResearch DevelopmentGlobal Technical SupportOperations TeamFounders/ScientistsResearch DevelopmentGlobal Technical SupportOperations Team

Dr. Michael O’Sullivan

Dr. Michael O’Sullivan

  • Operations research expert dedicated to research in the field of intelligent cloud computing
  • Specialises in the field of Operations Research (OR) with Analytics.
  • Utilises his area of expertise to develop intelligent systems in cloud computing.
  • Formed ORUA – research group specialising in utilising OR and Analytics to develop intelligent systems.
Prof. Cameron Walker

Prof. Cameron Walker

Co-founder/Chief Scientist
  • Main research area involves computational analytics.
  • Specialises in building models that make use of system measurements to understand the dynamics of the systems as well as system performance.
Dr. Felix Xia

Dr. Felix Xia

Co-founder/Advisory Board Member
  • Over 30 years of business experience in IT, environmental technologies and medical equipment.
  • Founder of “Suntech Group”, the third largest domestic security company in New Zealand.
  • Founding General Manager of “The University of Auckland Innovation Institute (China)”.

Advisory Board of The New Zealand Digital Economy Development Trust

Chris Linton

Chris Linton

Lawyer,Partner at Duncan Cotterrill
Committee of the Blockchain Association of New Zealand
  • Specialist – corporate commercial, M&A, governance, infrastructure and blockchain, digital, fintech, gaming.
  • President of the New Zealand Scandinavian Business Association.
Arron Judson

Arron Judson

Commercialisation Specialist
  • General Manager of Marketing and Partnerships at Scion (a New Zealand’s National Crown Research Institutes)
  • Chair of Scion’s Commercialization Committee.Innovation Manager at the University of Auckland for 5 years
  • 25 years of senior management roles at Toshiba and Ericsson
Murray Brewer

Murray Brewer

Partner at Grant Thornton
  • Over 20 years of experience in tax consulting at PwC and Grant Thornton
  • Specialist experience in New Zealand’s international tax rules including blockchain
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